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Well we here at Bi-Metal have a small but great group of employees.

Brenda is just a small brute force in the back shop. She does all the grunt work. Customers have little understanding of all the work that goes into welding band saw blades. She handles these blades from 1/4” to 1-1/2” at any length like a pro. She is a pro.  She is also the person who picks and sorts customer orders getting them ready for delivery.  She can also help customers with their blade predicaments


Sitting silent at his desk Tuesday thru Thursdays is our money man Paul. We don’t hear much from him but he is always there to help out. He is the only original founder of Bi-Metal left in this business.

Now, I’m (Peter) the last but not least member of the Bi-Metal team. This is what I do, help everyone else, like our cliental and team to get their missions done each day. Doing sales is a great at the end of the day when everyone feels we have done the best we could do. A little visiting with our cliental and team, then the deliveries keeps me going.

With the TEAM we have, we are ready for most anything and we really have to thank our cliental for helping us.